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What is Basalt Fiber?

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Basalt Fiber is a fiber, made from basalt rock, that is structurally similar to glass fiber.

Basalt Fiber exhibits improved properties over glass fiber in composite and thermal applications.

What is Basalt Fiber made of?

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Basalt Fiber is made from basalt rock, an igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of basalt lava exposed to the surface of the earth. Usually black or grey in color basalt is one of the most common rocks on earth and can be found throughout the globe.

The most famous basalt deposit is the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland where pillars of basalt rock are one of earth natural wonders

How is basalt fiber used?

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Basalt Fiber is most often used as a reinforcement in composites for added stiffness, strength, or impact properties, but basalt can also be used for high temperature insulation or concrete reinforcement.

Basalt composite products can be call BFRPs (basalt fiber reinforced plastics). 

Why would I use Basalt Fiber?

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Basalt Fiber can improve the mechanical properties of your composite parts for a low cost. Using basalt fiber can help with light weighting initiatives, cost reduction and reduction of environmental footprint.

Is Mafic Basalt Fiber good for the environment?

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Yes, Mafic Basalt Fiber is made from naturally occurring rock and does not require excessive chemical treatment. Basalt fiber also can unlock environmental savings in light weighting projects or construction applications.

Where is Mafic Basalt Fiber produced?

Shelby, North Carolina

Mafic basalt fiber is manufactured in Kells, Ireland and, starting in late 2019, in Shelby, North Carolina, USA

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