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Maintenance Technician

Technician Positions Listed with Skills/Experience Needed

Mechanical- Hydraulic, pneumatic, structural, mechanical systems, trouble shooting

Instrument- PLC programming, process and temperature control monitoring, trouble shooting

Electrician- Industrial electrical, control systems, motor controls, adjustable drives

Utility- HVAC, process water and gas systems. Starting, stopping, maintaining all systems

Funace Technician

Monitor/control furnace and forehearth temperatures. Load rock for melting and waste control


Controlling process settings to enable optimal bushing performance. Repair and maintain equipment

Bushing Technician

Gathering fibers and prepare binder applicator for winder cycle start

Winder Operator

Doff winders when the cycle is complete. Control quality by weighing packages and gathering quality checks

Fab Operator

Perform four basic finishing techniques once the fiber is dried or finished. (Direct Roving, Assembled Roving, Chopped and Twisting)


Perform warehouse duties that will include shipping orders and receiving various supplies.

Binder Technician

Mix chemicals for desired binders and control quality specifications


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