Basalt Fiber reinforcements unlock longer lifespans, innovative design and efficient repair

Basalt fiber is the next GENERATION material for INFRASTRUCTURE

Basalt Fiber Rebar

  • Basalt Fiber Reinforced Plastic (BFRP) Rebar is lighter and stronger than convention steel rebar with a nearly 8:1 strength to weight ratio improvement

  • Basalt Fiber composite reinforcements do not rust

  • Full truck loads of BFRP Rebar are more efficient than partial loads of steel and mean less trucking into a job-site

  • Basalt Fiber exhibits higher stiffness, strength and chemical resistance compared to E-glass

Basalt Fiber in other building and Construction products

Loose basalt fiber material
  • Basalt fiber grids offer excellent reinforcement for roads and highways, particularly in salt or cold environments

  • Chopped Basalt Fiber is a great product for shrink crack reduction

  • Basalt Fiber fabrics can be used to cost effectively fix cracked pillars, bridge decks and other larger infrastructure or increase load bearing capacity of an undamaged structure

  • Basalt fiber can extend the lifespan of building, roads, sea walls and bridges