Mafic Featured in Business View Magazine

Business View Magazine interviews Jeff Thompson, Head of Sales & Marketing for Mafic, as part of our series on the composites industry.

From the interview:

“Fiberglass is the workhorse of the industry; carbon fiber is the high-end material in the composites industry,” explains Jeff Thompson, Head of Sales & Marketing for Mafic, “and we felt there was a wide gulf between those two that was unaddressed. High quality basalt fiber materials really filled that market void.” Basalt fiber is most often used as plastic composite reinforcement for added stiffness or strength, but basalt can also be used for high temperature insulation or concrete reinforcement. “We melt the rock at around 1,500 degrees Celsius and draw it through platinum/rhodium bushings to form our final product which is a continuous basalt filament, which can then be wound, chopped, or processed.”

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Jeff Thompson