Basalt fiber opens up a new world of possibilities in automotive part design.


A key goal within the automotive industry is to produce lightweight parts that align with current cost profiles. Glass fiber composites have traditionally provided a reliable solution, but OEMs now are seeking the next level of performance.

Carbon fiber shows great potential, but OEMs struggle with the heavy price tag.


Basalt fiber has emerged as a superior solution that achieves the next level of weight reduction while maintaining current cost profiles.

Basalt’s significant improvement in strength and stiffness leads to substantial weight savings over E-glass fibers.

Spools of Mafic basalt fiber


Basalt is paving the way for new innovation in automotive part design. Reinforcement using basalt fibers can be pure basalt composites, or can be tailor-engineered to add strength, stiffness and impact performance where it is needed most.


Mafic Basalt Fiber products are a drop-in replacement for current glass or carbon fibers. Basalt handles easily, is non-conductive, and integrates smoothly into most production processes configured for glass fiber materials.

Basalt is meeting the demands of next generation automotive part production.